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As a top-ranking Amazon author, my writing career expands across many genres –– memoir, romance thriller, travel, reality-fiction, and young adult –– but the theme of all my books is always the same –– overcoming life’s difficulties. 
Following my two passions, traveling and writing, my cat Sportster and I travel across country in our Winnebago motorhome , which I've christened “The Big Story,” while towing a Smart car I've titled “The Short Story.” 
I've been described as an inspiration and a firecracker, I've  earned my  title as Motivational Speaker by learning to  stand back up when the obstacles in life  knocks us on our butts. 
 My Writing Seminars Motivational Lectures  offer simplistic  secrets of my  craft and my lifestyle which liwil set a passionate fire inside  your heart. 
When Sportster and I are not traveling, we reside on the beutiful Pacific coast in Brookings, Oregon.

Sortster and me  kicking back, enjoying nature and the freedom of doing what we love!  Life doesn't get much better when you follow your passions.
Meet The Big Story  and The Short Story.
For my 70th birthday I drove a Mario Andretti car at the Fontana Speedway in California.

128 MPH!!

Sportster and I want to thank you so much for stopping by!

Come along and discover  our  inspiring  lifestyle, writing, exploring and meeting wonderful folks like you! 
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  He is an 
Adventure Cat AND 
 an author!!
The Purrs & Perspectives Of Sportster