My mission is to help you use the twenty-six letters of the English language to arrange words in a way that they become more powerful than bullets and will  tell a story that changes the world.”
Judy Howard, author
Judy Howard has been described as a firecracker, an inspiration, and  an author of page-turning novels,. She has earned her titles as Motivational Speaker, Writing Expert,  and a hell of an example that anything is possible! 
As a top-ranking Amazon author, Judy's writing career expands across many genres –– memoir, romance, thriller, travel, reality-fiction, and young adult –– but the theme of her books is always the same –– overcoming life’s difficulties. 
Following her three passions, traveling, lecturing, and writing, Judy Howard travels with her  cat Sportster across country in their Winnebago motorhome. 
When Judy and Sportster are not traveling, they reside on the Pacific coast in Brookings, Oregon.


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2022 Coastal Writer’s Conference
Brookings, Oregon
September 8 - 9, 2022

The secrets revealed during this  intimate conference will be applicable to everyone -- aspiring writers  or published authors, and any genre you wish to write. 
 Not only will you return home with the magic of writing at your fingertips, but you will also have gained the supportive friendships of other writers. 
But most important you will walk away with the confidence instead of those fears and doubts that had shouted inside in your head for so long. And in their place, you will be surprised to discover  the courage to write your story and maybe even? …. Change the world!  

 And that, my friend is priceless! 

Day One

9:00 - 9:30: Meet & Greet

Coffee, tea. Receive goody bags. Overview of Day One seminars. And Schmooze!

9:30 – 10:30: Seminar #1- What Makes a Good Story?
                        by Judy Howard

This is one of Judy Howard’s most well-received seminars. Judy is one of Amazon’s top-ranking authors and she will reveal basic tools as well as some of her writing secrets on how to create that memoir or Great American Novel into a book that you cannot put down. 
Judy will cover the critical elements of plot, structure, and character development. Well seasoned writers will benefit as well as beginners..  

10:30 – 11:00: Break

11:00 -12:00: Seminar #2: Writing & Publishing Part One
                      by GK Jurrens 

Are you overwhelmed or confused with the the publishing process? There's no need to be! With nine published books and three more coming soon, veteran author GK Jurrens shares his streamlined writing and publishing process. Focused on simplicity and cost-effectiveness, Gene will walk you through the steps to ensure your writing process is manageable and your manuscript publication-ready.This seminar is a priceless hour packed with valuable information for the aspiring author as well as the novice.

12:00 – 1:00: Lunch

1:00 - 2:00 Seminar #3: I'm On My Way But Where?
                  by Judy Howard 

Do you have an itch? An idea? Whether your  restless desire is to become a writer, or a weaver, or a welder, it doesn’t matter. Has this nagging discontent niggled at you for years? Or, perhaps like a light bulb, it just blindsided you one day and now it won’t go away? And now you find yourself wandering without a GPS to show you the way.
Judy Howard's energy  lights motivational fires in the hearts of  her seminar  attendees. She will show you how to access your own GPS satellite so you, too, can receive the pertinent signs and answers to that nagging question --  “I’m on my way, but where?” 
Judy will send you home  with the  knowledge  and tools at your disposal to become  tapped in, tuned in and be turned on to Living a Purposeful Dream!

2:00- 2:30 Break

2:30-3:30 Seminar #4: Writing & Publishing Part Two
                by GK Jurrens
 G K Jurrens polishes off your writing and independent publication journey with a practical DEMONSTRATION using his latest novel as a real-world case study. As always, his focus remains on simplicity and cost-effectiveness as he demonstrates his progression from idea to worldwide publication and how to open the door to every major digital storefront including eBook, paperback and hardcover editions. 

3:30 -5:30 Writing Workshop

 Writing Prompts: Break off into solitary or small groups to prep for day two’s writing assignment. 

6:00 - ? Dinner in town 

 Day One Wrap-up Pancho’s Restaurant and Cantina, Brookings, Oregon

Day Two

9:00 - 9:30 Review Of Day One

 Share your feedback of day one? Questions?  

9:30 - 11:30: Writing/Rewrite Session

Share commments, praise  and questions  about each others  writing.

11:30 -1:00: Brunch

1:00 - 3:00: 2nd Writing/Rewrite Session

      From Day one's writing prompts assignment 
      Or from a writing sample brought from home critique
  Final comments and questions

3:00 - 4:00 Keynote Speaker - Ron N. Reel top ranking author and screen writer of  "Aganist All Odds"  soon to be a movie.

  4:00 - 5:00 Conference Wrap-up:

   Discussion, and attendee feedback
   • Networking, exchanging cards, emails, subscribe to our mailing list.
   •Receive one last hunk of swag 
   •“Bonus” handouts: Crafting a Killer Blurb, A Writer’s Resource List, 

  6:00 – 8:00 Dinner on your own.

We are very sorry but the 2022 COASTAL WRITNG CONFERENCE is

Brookings, Oregon
Limited Attendance 

First Name: _____________________Last Name:__________________________
Street Address:________________________________________________________
City:__________________________________State: ________Zip Code:_________
Email: _________________________________________________


Included in the conference price
   Seminar One: What Makes a Good Story?  
   Presented by Judy Howard

          Seminar Two: Writing & Publishing PART ONE  
   Presented by GK Jurrens

           Seminar Three: I’M ON MY WAY! BUT WHERE?  
   Presented by Judy Howard

          Seminar Four: Writing & Publishing PART TWO 
   Presented by GK Jurrens


Included in the conference price:

Participation in three different hands-on workshops will teach you writing techniques that will make your story come alive! Also, personal hands-on information will help you untangle the mysteries of selling and marketing your books. By the end of the conference, you will be bringing home a first chapter that will have you hungry to write the next chapter, and the next, and the next!
The secrets revealed during this small intimate conference will be applicable to everyone -- beginner or novice, and any genre you wish to write. 

 Not only will you return home with the magic of writing at your fingertips, but you will also have gained the supportive friendships of other writers. 
But most important you will walk away with the confidence that those fears and doubts have vanished. And in their place, you will be surprised by the courage you have gained to write your story and maybe even change the world!  

 And that, my friend is priceless! 

Bring 1-5 pages of your writing. - Optional 

   Receive one-on-one constructive and supportive critique. 
   • Use during workshops for feedback and to discover secrets that enrich and deepen your writing

      Heads Up to published authors! 

A Meet and Greet Table will be available for authors to display and sell their published books. Bring your books!!

All seminars and workshops are included in the conference price:

 2-day Coastal Writing Conference   $ 150.00    Check here___   Total Number ____X_ $150.00 =  $_______
 Bring a friend discount ($20.00       $ 260.00     Check here__    Total number ____ X  $260.00 =  $_______
 Early Bird one-time discount                                                        Total number ____X  $   20.00 = $_______
 ( Before June 1, 2022)                      $  20.00     Check here___

 2022 Coast Writing Conference T Shirts Available  For Sale
$ 28.00 
SMALL___  Medium___  Large___ X- Large ___  XX Large___   Total Number___ X $ 28.00 = $_______
  Lunches and drinks are extra and not included in conference price.

                Sack lunches provided by the Railroad Street Café in Brookings.
      Day One - Sack Lunches: $ 15.00  Check here ____               Total Number____   X $ 15.00 =  $________
      Day Two - Pizza:               $ 15.00  Check here ____                Total number ___   X $ 15.00 =  $________

Drinks will be available  - $ 2.00 - not included in the conference price
Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks, and Water
                                                                                                      Grand Total ____________   $________

Please indicate any dietary restrictions you may have.
You are welcome to bring your own sack lunch.

We are very sorry but the 2022 COASTAL WRITNG CONFERENCE is

For more information and questions contact:
Judy Howard  
Phone: 951-544-3046

GK Jurrens writes with undiluted passion. He also teaches writing on the road. With his wife Kay, he lives and travels in a bus-style motorhome. They find wandering North America a source of endless inspiration. After six years of government service, GK earned several college degrees while mounting a successful three-decade career in global high technology. Now he writes, practices Yoga, paints, and plays Native American-style flutes, some of which he handcrafted while living in the Arizona desert. He also studies the Japanese Shakuhachi flute, one of the most difficult instruments to master. His favorite quote? “The difference between ordeal and adventure is attitude!”

“Independent publishing and marketing can be daunting. It doesn’t need to be—if you’re armed with the right tools, and you know how to use them. Let’s get you on the fast track to the writer’s life. Maybe a best seller? Let’s do this!”  G K Jurrens, author
To Register :
Mail checks to :

Judy Howard 
16340 Lower Harbor Rd. Ste #1, PMB 416
Brookings, Oregon, 97415

For more information Contact Judy Howard:
Call: 951-544-3046

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